Blog Posts List: Dr. Novella vs Dr. Oz

My blog is young, small, and not even “officially open” yet (despite my continued posting), so I doubt I will do much to spread the word on this particular story, especially considering how much attention it is receiving in the skeptical blogosphere already. So many others have written eloquently and fully on subject, I think I would be “inventing the wheel,” as it were, by recapping yet again (or maybe it’s just laziness). But Google is a funny machine, and I’m often surprised how just a few posts or comments tip the scales when searching keywords. Regardless, I think I want my own list of the sites and their discussions, and I’ll share it here.

Here’s the quick-and-dirty:

Prominent blogger, professor, medical expert, and skeptic leader, Dr. Steven Novella, MD, has been criticizing Dr. Oz for his continued promotion of unsupported and potentially dangerous alternative medicines. Dr. Oz(‘s producers) invited Novella over to appear on a show. Novella accepted. Edits happened, but it looks like they didn’t have much to work with: Novella kept cool as a cucumber the whole time. Novella addressed each point; Oz ignored points in favor of emotional appeals. Novella has now extended an invitation to Oz to appear in one of Novella’s media. No response yet as of this posting.

All links open in a new window.

The episode, “Controversial Medicine: Why Your Doctor is Afraid of Alternative Medicine”

Science-Based Medicine posts, Neurologica blog posts, and SGU threads and downloads (duplicates not included, with preference to SBM)

And other blogs, articles, etc., . . .


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