How to Win an Argument (in Your Own Mind)

I’m working on a longer post on a sensitive topic. In the meantime, enjoy this free lesson provided by the irrational!

  • There is always someone, somewhere that will have a different opinion and be willing to discuss it openly. Therefore, you can always claim that there exists “controversy.”
  • Declare the argument unresolved, as long as it doesn’t resolve in your favor.
  • If the majority is against you, refer to them the “establishment,” and yourself a “rebel” or “maverick.”
  • If you are faced with a fact that is counter to your claims, declare it arrogance on your opponent’s part.
  • Question bias (regardless of whether it exists) inherent in your opponent’s method of understanding. Similarly, deem your opponent too stupid to comprehend yours.
  • Refer to yourself as “enlightened,” and your opponents as “deniers.”
  • Argue semantics.
  • Change the subject.
  • Cry out about the repression of your freedom of speech or others’ freedom of choice.
  • Accuse your opponents of being afraid to face the truth.

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